Staying true to the original craft and art of sausage making, all of our meat and ingredients are sourced from businesses that are local to the community. Our meat is ground in small batches with the perfect ratio of meat to fat (more meat and less fat), then seasoned with its own special blend of spices, hand mixed, and individually stuffed into all natural pork casings. All sausages are produced at The Hood Kitchen Space commercial kitchen:

The Hood Kitchen Space

350-A Clinton Street

Costa Mesa, CA 92623



1 lb: $10.99

2 lbs $19.78 (10% discount / $2.20 savings)

3 lbs $29.67 (10% discount / $ 3.30 savings)

4 lbs $37.37 (15% discount / $6.59 savings)

5 lbs+ $43.96 (20% discount / $10.99 savings)

All sausages are sold at one pound (1 LB) minimums with the exception of custom or special orders which are sold in ten pound (10 LB) minimums only. For large or wholesale orders, contact us at eatzeiglers@gmail.com for pricing.

Zeigler’s Sausages currently offers the following flavors:

Mexican Chorizo: Bold with the flavors of Mexico, this south of the border specialty is one of our absolute favorites. Its intense flavors wake up the taste buds without overwhelming the palate. Remove from casings and cook in a skillet or pan fry links. Serve scrambled with eggs, as a substitute for ground beef in tacos, burritos, chili and more. Also delicious without accompaniment, or served “naked.” Muy Bueno!

Country Breakfast: An old-fashioned favorite, the predominant spice is sage. This sausage is perfect for breakfast lovers who cherish a full-bodied sausage. Not just for breakfast, this sausage is also delicious served for dinner, in holiday stuffing, party snacks and more.

Maple Breakfast: A fall and holiday favorite, Maple Breakfast is the perfect blend of sweet and savory to hit the right note on your taste buds. Featuring maple syrup, nutmeg, ginger and other spices.

Hot Italian: This popular sausage needs no introduction. Available in untold amounts of variations, Zeigler’s Sausages offers a hot mix, based on a Sicilian recipe that is sure to please the most discerning of palates. Great on the grill, one of our favorite ways to eat Zeigler’s Italian is on a soft hoagie bun, topped with a strip (or two) of mustard, sautéed onions and green peppers. Used on pizza or added to your favorite spaghetti sauce or pasta dish, the possibilities are endless.

Kielbasa (Fresh): Commonly referred to as “Polish Sausage” due to its country of origin. Typically smoked, Zeigler’s Kielbasa is the fresh, uncooked variety predominantly flavored with garlic and original blend of spices. For all garlic lovers and aficionados – this is the sausage for you! Breath mints highly recommended. Available in spicy or mild.

We’re always trying out new recipes, and will be introducing new items on a regular basis. We never use nitrates or MSG, and also offer lower-sodium versions of each sausage as well (upon request). 

Custom Recipes

We love working with customers to recreate old recipes or collaborate on developing new flavors. Whether you have a family recipe in mind, have a special order, or can’t quite remember all of the specific ingredients needed to replicate a sausage from your past, Zeigler’s Sausages can help. Contact us at eatzeiglers@gmail.com for more information.