Many of our customers often ask “What is the best way to prepare Zeigler’s Sausages?” They also ask for suggestions on how to use Zeigler’s Sausages in recipes. Since we are asked these two questions the most often, here are some tips and tricks for cooking, along with some favorite recipes.

Before you learn more about cooking Zeigler’s Sausages, there are a few basic safety tips you should know about storing and handling:

  • Always keep Zeigler’s Sausages refrigerated at a temperature of 40 degrees or lower.

  • It is recommended that you cook your Zeigler’s Sausages within two days of preparing or purchasing.

  • If you are not going to cook your Zeigler’s Sausages immediately, they can be kept frozen in a freezer or vacuum seal bag for up to two months.

  • Once you have cooked your Zeigler’s Sausages, eat or freeze within four days. Cooked sausages can be frozen for up to three months.


Zeigler’s Sausages are made from quality grades of meat and should be prepared properly for optimal flavor enjoyment. There are several ways to approach cooking Zeigler’s Sausages; however prepared on the grill or pan-fried are two favorites.

Link Sausages:

Always start by poaching Zeigler’s Sausages first to prepare them for grilling or pan frying. This ensures that the sausage is not overcooked on the outside and undercooked in the middle (or just overcooked all the way through).

  • A general rule of thumb is to start with approximately 1/8 inch of cold liquid; water and beer are my two favorite liquids to use. Never put a sausage in boiling water or a hot frying pan – it ruins the texture of the sausage, and you don’t get that pleasant firmness when you bite into it.

  • Place Zeigler’s Sausages into a skillet or frying pan with cold liquid, bringing up to temperature gradually.

  • Poach the sausages over medium heat, covered, for about 10 minutes (turning every so often) to prepare them for the grill or skillet.

  • If you don’t plan to grill or fry them, test one of the poached links for doneness after about 30 minutes. Meat is done when it is no longer pink within, and internal temperature reads 160 degrees.

  • Do not pierce the skins before or during cooking as this will allow the fat and juices to drain and lose moisture. 

For the Skillet:

  • Poach Zeigler’s Sausages using method above.

  • After 10 minutes, remove the cover and pour off any remaining water.

  • Add a bit of oil or butter to coat the bottom of the skillet.

  • Cook Zeigler’s Sausages over medium low heat, turning every so often, until a deep golden brown.

  • Meat is done when it is no longer pink within, and internal temperature reads 160 degrees.

For the Grill:

  • Poach Zeigler’s Sausages using method above.

  • Cook over a low flame if using a gas grill, and cook slowly to prevent the skins from bursting.

  • For a charcoal grill, wait until the charcoal has some white ash and is not too hot. You can cook with your grill’s lid down to heat the sausages through.

  • Meat is done when it is no longer pink within, and internal temperature reads 160 degrees.

Bulk Sausages:

  • It is easiest to cook bulk Zeigler’s Sausages in a large skillet on your stove. Use a non-stick skillet, or lightly coat or spray the pan with oil first to prevent sticking.

  • Cook the sausage over a medium-high heat as you don’t want to cook it too quickly.

  • You can form bulk sausage into patties, or cook it in the same way as browning ground beef. You can use a large flat-edged wooden spoon to break up the meat and stir while cooking. Make sure all of the sausage turns a nice brown and there are no pink spots inside any of the clumps of meat.

  • Link sausages can also be prepared as bulk; simply remove the casing when raw and proceed as above.

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