About Us

Zeigler’s Sausages is a SoCal family-owned purveyor specializing in heritage pork sausages. Our meat is sourced from small, family owned farms that specialize in heritage breeds and advocate for animals to be sustainably raised: open pasture, free of antibiotics and free of growth hormones. Our sausages are nitrate and gluten free, and contain no MSG.

The farms we partner with specialize in the heritage breeds that have been abandoned by commercial agriculture in favor of newer, hybrid animals that take less time to grow for mass production Рin other words, lower quality pork.  What mass produced pork lacks though, is depth of flavor, character and the safety that comes from having diversity in our agricultural system.

Heritage pork breeds include Berkshire (one of the most commonly known heritage breeds, and also referred to as Kurobuta Pork), Duroc, Red Wattle, Tamworth and Large Black, just to name a few. Heritage breeds are non-commodity and have very long histories; for example the true Berkshire pig would be recognizable to English political leader Oliver Cromwell, and dates back well into the early 1600’s.

Heritage pork has long been lauded for its exceptional taste, and is a perfect fit for Zeigler’s Sausages.